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How to Compost In your Apartment

Our Illustrated Guide For Beginners

Do you feel a tinge of guilt every time you throw out an extra slice of tomato? Do you see your neighbor’s garden thriving on the rich compost he feeds it? Think you couldn’t possibly compost because you live in an apartment? We’d love to show you how it’s completely possible and relatively easy to compost in a small amount of space!

There are many reasons to start composting, chief among them being rampant food waste and the need to reduce methane gases caused by rotting food waste in landfills. Food waste is the single largest component of solid waste reaching landfills and incinerators in the U.S., according to the EPA.

So if you have been thinking you might take the plunge into composting, read on and have fun! Our illustrated guide gives you all of the tools you need to get started. Composting can be a very rewarding experience in efficiency and self-reliance. Waste not, want not!