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Too Good to Waste

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It's Time to Waste Less, Enjoy More

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Reduce Food Waste, Save Money

We all waste food, that’s a fact. Another fact: no one likes wasting food. But something happens between the grocery store and the garbage can that leads each of us to toss almost 25 pounds of food per month.

What if we told you that there are proven ways to waste less food without making drastic changes to your lifestyle? The I Value Food: Too Good to Waste Challenge will help you pinpoint why waste happens in your home and find easy shifts in how you shop, store and prep food that leads to less waste.

No one is perfect. We’re not expecting anyone to eliminate food waste entirely. But through this program, many families have reduced food waste by up to 50%, saving hundreds of dollars per year!

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How It Works

1.Sign Up

Sign up for the challenge.

Sign up for the challenge.
2.Measure Baseline

In the first two weeks, you’ll measure how much food you waste to get a baseline number.

Measure Baseline

You'll track waste in a quart-size container (like a plastic deli container) or a quart-size zip-top bag. Use the same size container throughout the Challenge. Once you fill container, record it, throw it away the contents as usual, and start filling it again. Keep containers in the fridge or freezer if you’re worried about odor or pests.

3.Follow Tips & Log Waste

Each week, we’ll email you proven tips, strategies and tools. You’ll also get a reminder to log your weekly waste in our online Food Log.

Follow Tips & Log Waste
4.Discover Your Savings

In the sixth week, you’ll see how much you reduced your waste. We think you’ll be surprised to find out how much food — and money — you’re capable of saving!

Discover Your Savings



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